LOCATION → Taos Ski Valley

Our condos inside the Powderhorn building in Taos Ski Valley are located at 5 Ernie Blake Rd., Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525.

DIRECTIONS Taos Ski Valley

TRAFFIC PATTERN for Snowsports Season 2022/2023

 →  Upon entering Taos Ski Valley (GREEN line) on NM State 150, you will see a large Welcome Sign on your left. Continue straight (GREEN line) and follow the signs to the Skier Drop-off area (LIGHT BLUE line).

Arriving at the skier drop-off area (ORANGE), turn right into Thunderbird Road (LIGHT BLUE). You will see the Alpine Suites complex on your right hand side. Drive by the village center, with ice rink on your right, until you reach the intersection (Thunderbird Rd./Ernie Blake Rd.). Turn left on Ernie Blake Road and drive uphill. The Powderhorn building is the second building on your left (beige stucco with dark brown balconies). Pull into the carport for loading/unloading (15 minute maximum loading/unloading allowed, please be considerate of other guests).

When leaving the carport to park your car, drive downhill again towards village plaza and turn right, back into Thunderbird Road. Drive through Thunderbird Road, pass the village plaza with ice rink on your left, until you arrive at the main parking lot. Turn LEFT BUT STAY RIGHT. The designated parking is marked as LODGING AND OVERNIGHT” in the BEAR LOT and is just ahead of you (YELLOW line).  A parking attendant is present from 8 AM to 6 PM. You must show your parking pass to enter! Outside business hours, you may enter this area and your parking pass will be inspected the next morning. You may occupy any open spot in the reserved area. If the reserved area is full, vehicles must be parked in the regular parking lot of the resort. Vehicles without a valid parking pass in the reserved parking area must use the general parking area or may be subject to a fine or towing by the resort management. Displaying the parking pass will further help the resort to identify the vehicle owner in case of an emergency. Parking is at your own risk, rules and regulations of the Resort must be obeyed.  The resort reserves all rights to enforce parking privileges. PHVR is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents.

PARKING Taos Ski Valley

There is NO PARKING in front or around the Powderhorn building. Guests may however use the Powderhorn carport to unload/load (15 min. maximum). “Free Parking” is available in the Main Parking Lot of the Resort (3-4 minute walk to/from The Powderhorn).

WINTER SEASON Parking →  Parking and Traffic Pattern see above under Directions. Please have your printed parking pass ready.

Additionally, the Taos Ski Valley Resort offers limited “Paid Parking” during the Winter Season. Please contact the Resort directly 888.262.8398

(a) Seasonal Paid Parking” (in main parking lot of the resort and just in front of the Alpine Suites building)

(b) “Daily Parking” (in main parking lot of the resort and right by the Chamber of Commerce’s chalet)

 → SPRING/SUMMER/FALL Parking → “Free Parking” is available in the general parking lot of the Resort. As a PHVR guests you will receive an electronic Parking Pass to print out, bring along and to display on the vehicle’s dashboard at all times. This pass is not mandatory but it will help the resort to identify the vehicle owner in case of emergencies.

WALKING MAP  Taos Ski Valley Condos to/from Lift & Parking

→ Complimentary VILLAGE SHUTTLE SERVICES Taos Ski Valley

Free shuttle service between the town of Taos and Taos Ski Valley. The TSV 341 GREEN route dates of service are 12/17/22 to 3/25/23.



→ TAOS RIDES  offers shuttle service from/to Albuquerque Airport. Reservations required at least 48 hours ahead of time.

→ TAOS AIR SHUTTLE offers shuttle service from Taos Airport (arriving with Taos Air/JSX) to Taos Ski Valley and Angel Fire  →  ARRIVALS: In addition to scheduled route stops at The Blake hotel and the Cid’s turn-out, airport shuttles added drop-offs at the parking lot adjacent to the Rio Hondo Learning Center and the Powderhorn building  when requested by shuttle passengers.  →  DEPARTURES: Pick ups are only offered at The Blake hotel or the Cid’s turn out. The Blake hotel offers paid storage, please contact The Blake hotel directly to reserve.


World Travel Management LLC offers dependable luxury limousine service, also to/from Albuquerque and Santa Fe airports (comfortable sedans, SUVs or with your group in one of WTM’s comfortable Sprinter and Execute vans).

The New Mexico Black Car Service is servicing Taos Ski Valley, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Reservations required.


Albuquerque 150 mi / 2:45 h
Amarillo 302 mi / 4:30 h
Austin 764 mi / 12:00 h
Colorado Springs 230 mi / 3:45 h
Dallas 682 mi / 10:30 h
Denver 300 mi / 4:30 h
Durango 208 mi / 3:15 h
El Paso 400 mi / 6:00 h
Oklahoma City 558 mi / 8:15 h
Phoenix 568 mi / 8:30 h
Santa Fe 90 mi / 1:45 h
Tucson 569 mi / 8:30 h

→ LOCATION → Angel Fire, NM

Our condos inside the Golddust building in Angel Fire are located at 37 North Angel Fire Rd., Angel Fire NM 87710.


Coming from Taos on US Hwy 64, turn right at the blinking light onto Hwy 434. Turn left on North Angel Fire Rd. (just across from Lowes Grocery store and gas station) and head towards Chili lift / Ski Area Basin. Take a left on Vail Ave., you see the Golddust buildings (ochre colored buildings) in front of you. For Condo A2, take an immediate right and you are at the parking lot for Golddust already. You will see the first flight of stairs and you may occupy any 2 open spots there. Parking is only available alongside the building, the open field across does not belong to the building. If you cannot find a spot in the Golddust parking lot, please unload your car(s) and park in the resort parking lot just across from Vail Ave.  Parking passes (2) will be sent to you prior to your stay, please print out and place on your dashboard(s). You will find extra parking passes inside the condo, if needed.

WALKING MAP  Condo to/from Chili Lift / Base Area Angel Fire

Head out of the condo; you will see the shuttle stop right in front of the building (runs during winter season only). Or, walk around the building or through the courtyard and head uphill on Angel Fire Road towards Chili lift. It is an easy walk of 5 minutes but the free shuttle runs frequently and gets you to/from the lift easily.

→ Complimentary VILLAGE SHUTTLE SERVICES Angel Fire

Take advantage of the free village shuttle (winter season only) and ride to base lift area (Chili lift) or down to Lowes grocery store and shopping options. The shuttle will make frequent stops and you can hop on and off at any stop.